about moxiemandie

I'm Mandie.
I'm married to Gabe, who is a recent graduate of nursing school but will probably never be done with school (he's ambitious). We've been married for 7 years and are expecting our first child in December. I'm convinced our baby is somehow already proficient in kickboxing, and I not so secretly love that. We like to take photos, find cool old furniture for cheap, drink coffee, and just be together in general.
I enjoy sewing a lot. I used to run an online shop, but got tired of only sewing for other people, so I quit. Now I sew for our baby & for our friend's babies, and sometimes even for myself. I hate cooking, but I love eating, so I sometimes share recipes that I find are worth the time and effort (and cleanup). I find baking a smidge more enjoyable, so I do that a little more often, but not much.
This space is where I share what's going on with me with no particular rhyme or reason, just what comes out when I type. I hope you'll enjoy it & stick around for a while!