Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One Month of Mali

Our sweet girl is one month today, and I cannot believe how quickly it's flown by! 
Yes, we're pretty exhausted, but we're also more than in love with our Mali girl.

A few things we've learned in the last month about our girl:

*She loves to have something, anything, in her mouth. The paci is one of our dear friends.
*She has the sweetest accidental smile I have ever seen. I'm not anxious for her to get bigger, but the thought of her smiling at me on purpose is something I'm so excited for.
*She can go from screaming & turning red to passed out asleep in half a second.
*Her hiccups are adorable.
*There is really no rhyme or reason to how well (or not) she sleeps at night or how many times she wakes up, but we're rolling with it. She is a baby, after all.
*Mali likes to eat. A lot.
*She is not a fan of her car seat until she falls asleep, which she almost always does, then she's usually out for at least an hour.
*She's not a fan of bath time, but loves having her hair rinsed under the faucet. Loves, I tell you.

We are so happy she joined our family and we intend to enjoy every day with our sweet girl, even the rough ones. She's a gift that we are so, so blessed to have been given.

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