Monday, November 5, 2012

Brain Dump

So, the weekend was productive, which is great because I was beginning to feel lousy about feeling tired and sick and never finishing anything.
I was able to do the first big grocery run in close to two months, cook one meal and start on two more, sew for our new living room, take a nap, work at Hip Stitch, enjoy my extra hour of sleep, and watch many episodes of Alias while cooking.
I’m hoping that I make good decisions in the coming 6 weeks before we begin our Christmas traveling so that we can better enjoy the season instead of rushing through.
We went fabric shopping for a tree skirt and miraculously came away with something we both love that is NOT traditional green & red. That seemed like a Christmas miracle in itself!
I made two autumnal pillow covers for our living room & am practicing a new cosmetic bag design that I’d really love to perfect, but I’m so far stuck.
We enjoyed baked potato soup for dinner last night and I have plans (& ingredients) to make the Pioneer Woman’s chicken noodle soup this week.
I ordered a bunch of fabric from Spoonflower last week to make my main handmade Christmas gift and I am SO stinking excited about it. I’m drinking tons of tea and sortof loving it, which is so strange to the me of all the other years, but it’s so nice, too.
My goals for this week are a bit lofty, but if I stay disciplined, I know I’m able:
Finish cooking two more meals,
Hang things on walls,
Cut out washi dress pattern and begin working on it,
Bake pumpkin bread, maybe even a pie,
Begin working on tree skirt,
Sew a little something for an interweb friend’s two little twinnies,
Mail out a few gifts
Stay content and do not worry.

What are your goals for the week?

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  1. So glad to see you had a weekend that was productive and what you needed.

    This week is the week leading up to my marathon. EEK! It's on Sunday. Goals: drinking inordinate amounts of water. Resting. Watching a lot of movies. Envisioning myself finishing. Lots of rest.


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