Friday, October 26, 2012


My voice has been coming and going for a week or so now, raspy and affected by this sinus crud I seem to be carrying around. It’s still here, just faded and a notch lower than usual.
It’s like a physical manifestation of my life right now- not taking me out completely, but definitely little by little. I’m tired, feel pulled into a dozen opposite directions (if there is such a thing), and am ready for a new normal (I think. Unless it’s not good, then I’m not sure what I’m ready for). I’m thankful that this trying time has been in my favorite season. Yes, it has sort of muddled it up a bit, but the sun has still been shining and the colors are making themselves known and I’m not yet lost, like my voice.

I’m joining in with Lisa Jo & Five Minute Fridays where we’re writing about voice today.


  1. Ha! Me too. And sneezing violently. May it soon pass for both of us. Great job!

  2. Beautifully honest! Thank you! Praying you feel better and fully recover your voice (and your Voice!) soon! <3

    PS - Fall is my favorite too!

  3. No, you are not lost. I hear the truth in your voice. As I see the truth in your favorite season. All is in divine perfect order. Unfolding. With ease.
    In grace.


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