Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tea-Sized Changes

The tea isn’t the change, but it’s what reminds me of it most often.
The small changes I’ve made, gradually, that have made me into another version of myself. The girl that now knows to say no when feeling too stretched, the one that occasionally even looks forward to making a new recipe, to looking for products for my skin that are healing and natural rather than gimmick-y. To no more stops at McDonald’s or BK while rushed or out of breakfast food in the morning, but rather for thinking ahead and knowing that if I’m desperate (or not), there’s that box of oatmeal I keep at the office so I don’t need to rely on food that makes me feel awful.
It’s that I don’t always look for the easiest fix anymore, but I try to be informed and make a decision that’s best for me & my current situation, not just whatever is trendy.
And so, with the tea. It shows me the small things I’ve done to better myself, like drinking more tea and less coffee and diet coke. It just shows more often than the others do.

I’m just writing.

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  1. oh girl, i feel you. small changes do make a big difference! mine have been mainly in the areas of making good choices when it comes to snacks. i snack TOO much. but that's okay if i make smaller meal choices & choose healthier snacks, like celery & almonds instead of pringles & ice cream. ;)keep it up, do it for you!



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