Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Like Candy Land

Sometimes it feels like we live in candy land, though I don’t know that my mind’s version of candy land is anything even close to the board game. I mean, obviously, Albuquerque is not made of candy. But during the nine days in October when there are literally hundreds of balloons floating around our desert city, it is magical, and I will not even argue with you if you don’t agree. I will ignore you, I feel that strongly about it. I mean, I’ve mentioned many other times that I do love this city, and even though I lately have felt ready to live somewhere else, that feeling disappears during October. I really can’t even explain it, so I’ll just share some of my favorite photos from the last few days. Oh, and we headed over to the mass ascension Saturday morning, but found out via twitter that it was cancelled, so we’re hoping to use those tickets for this coming Saturday. Hopefully the weather is kinder than it’s been!


  1. This makes me miss going to the Colorado Balloon festival. I loved going as a kid and hope to return as an adult some day. Beautiful photos!

  2. SO NEAT.
    definitely a bucket list item. to get to a balloon festival - or at least ride in one :)

    i lived in wine country in college and they are all over up there. i used to see them out my window every morning.
    i kinda took it for granted!

  3. very true- a bucket list item :)great pics- thanks, mandie

  4. One of my favorite experiences of my whole........very long......life! Loved it!! ; )


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