Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just Enough Grace

I drove home from work one day last week and as I neared our road, there was a man standing not quite in the middle of the road, but definitely not on the sidewalk where he would have been safe, yelling at something. I couldn't see who or what he was talking to, but I wondered exactly how much was standing between me driving my car and the man in the road hollering at an invisible something and I thanked God right then for the grace that he gives us both, us all. I've felt a little stretched thin lately. Honestly, this year has stretched me as we prepared for Gabe to transition from being a part time student while working full time to being a full time student, only. Then a month after that actually happened, to find out that on some unknown day ahead I would be losing my job, our income. Add moving, cars being obstinate, normal daily stresses, and sometimes I feel that maybe I'll be standing next to that man, yelling beside him, before I know it.

And truly, I'm ok. This is why I write- to get it out before it gets me. However far I am from that moment, the standing in the road yelling moment, I know that God's grace is more than enough and I can surely depend on that.

The thing is, most of us never imagine our futures the way they actually turn out. We don't see the the heartbreak coming and we don't realize that the small things and simple moments are what brings more joy than we could imagine. The small gestures from unexpected people that are forever burned into our memories and change us just enough to give us a confidence that makes us tall in courage. How sometimes it's the heartache that teaches us what actually matters and who we are.


  1. I think I have stood in the middle of the road before- but I'm not there now :) great word picture. Thanks

  2. It's so amazing how God uses all kinds of things to give us perspective. I feel like I'm in need of gaze shifts really frequently. I'm staring just off to the left with a grumpy attitude when slightly right is a glorious sunset that immediately makes me grateful for what I have. I hope that made sense. You are a strong woman, Mandie! You guys have had so much going on! Praying for extra grace and sending hugs!! Also, we do have a long overdue phone date. :)

  3. Because things happen for a resason, I was pointed here for the first time to read these exact words. I couldn't find the right words for what happened to me and my family. We never saw all of the heartbreaks coming, but I sit here now really feeling grateful for all of the moments of joy that gave me the strength and love to hold on tight and stay grateful. Great post, touched my heart. Prayers for blessings and love.


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