Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dressing for the Day

I’ve always had a special affection for the autumn months, October being my very favorite. That affection trickles into most areas, so dressing for fall is the most enjoyable time, as well as eating all things pumpkin & squash. This favored season tends to be muddled with moving, though, the last few years, so that part is NOT my favorite, but you know, you win some and lose some. As we are right on the tail end of moving, you can bet that I’m even more tired of it than usual, worn out, trying not to feel like I’m in a hotel, and the obvious: using my phone as my only camera because I think I remember where Gabe told me our good camera is, but really, my purse already weighs 20 pounds, so the phone it is.
I’m joining with Dear Abby Leigh as well as The Pleated Poppy today and dressing for the day I want to have- not the day that’s having me. It doesn’t matter that my entire schedule is off, I have a slight headache, I had to go to work an hour early so that Gabe could bring me before his class started because my car is in the Ess-Aitch-Oh-Pee. I dressed in something that made me smile, and then I had Gabe drop me off at Starbucks just in case my smile needed a little caffeine(with a side of pumpkin spice, of course!) to finish the walk to my office.

What I’m wearing:

Sunglasses, mustard cardi, grey vest, jeans (I skinnified them, but Target made them): Target
Cowl: knit by me
Blue ikat top: Gap
Shoes: I don’t remember the shop in Santa Fe, but boy are they comfy

*please bear with me as I’ve been blogging from my phone these days- we get the internet today!


  1. You!
    ; )

  2. very cute! i love it! thanks for linking up. you look ready for the chilly weather.

  3. you look dressed for michigan! very very cute stuff- i hate it when cars go to esss aitch oh pee :)

  4. You're too cute! And WOOOOOOOOO for the cowl you knit yourself! :)


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