Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So, I did not prepare for a #dressfortheday post this week. This week has been about holding on for dear life and getting through and such. I mean, we’re moving again this weekend (turns out our last move was only temporary, but it’s ok), my car is in the shop for the second time in two weeks- scratch that- third time in three weeks, and now they can’t even figure out what’s wrong with it, I feel sick-ish, we’ve been busy, and you know- just the run-of-the-mill same as everyone else’s busy. However, because of these things, I’ve only cooked two meals in the last few weeks, I finally needed to buy bobby pins to hold my bangs (if you can still even call them that) back & out of my face, I left work early to take a (much needed) nap & to hopefully ward off this sickness, and I feel I could go on and on. I don’t say any of this to ask for your pity, though if you’re handing it out, I might snatch it right up. I say this because likely, you can or have been able to relate at some point in time. It just so happens that this is my time and ugh. But I read this by Ellen and knew that I needed to quit with the sad and get over myself. And then this from Jess and knew that it was okay to even write about it because this life is messy and it feels broken sometimes and if we can’t admit it then we’re really only deceiving ourselves because everyone around us knows it sucks sometimes. And then read this from dear Abby Leigh and knew that comfort isn’t a bad thing. So, today I am comfortable. Nothing fancy at all. Stretchy jeans (you must get a pair- they’re great for that time of the month), black & white on top with a colorful cardi, and a pair of neutral flats on my feet. Oh, a scarf, of course, because not only do they add a little something, but they honestly are comfortable to me.


  1. Are you leaving Grandma's house? Did I read that right? Where are you going now? You're okay Mandie, everyone has days/weeks/months like that! Don't feel bad! Love you! G

  2. i LOVE that sky graphic. pinning it! you didn't give in and you're going to be okay! xoxo

  3. Hang in there darling! Love that sky image SO MUCH.


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