Thursday, October 11, 2012


So, I was a good girl and took my photos early for #dressfortheday, and then a debilitating headache Tuesday and a spontaneous trip to see my girl Florence on Wednesday happened and now it's almost Friday!
I dressed for brunch with my guy, which is basically our favorite meal and you know what? Abby was right last week when she told of her sassy boots and how it was nice to wear heels without wearing heels, so I gave mine a few tries this week and loved them. 
I tried on an old friend with a new face, too! I've been a fan girl of scarves for a couple years, and have so many that I even did a little sale of some that I don't often wear on instagram a while back, but since I got rid of so many, I may have treated myself to one (or two) new ones a few weeks ago. The one I'm wearing in this photograph is from fashionABLE and I've worn it at least 4 times in one week, I think. For real. Mine is a little brighter than the one pictured on their website, but I love it all the same. It's so neutral that it goes with most and it's such an easy way to dress up a sweater & pair of jeans! Anyway, between the boots and scarf, I had a smidge of added confidence to start my day and felt nice going out with my guy. We went to the balloon glow later that evening, and I wore the same outfit, but I did change into more comfy shoes at that point - no reason to come home with tired feeties after an evening of walking around!
Striped tee, sweater, sunglasses, and jeans from target
boots from dillards (rocketdog)
scarf from fashionABLE
earrings from my sister
freckles from my dad


  1. freckles from your dad :) i love it! glad you gave the booties a try!

  2. Ohh I love the booties and the scarf! You look awesome and beautiful!

  3. Love the layering and the pop of colour! Fab. I am a huge fan of scarves, and that's about the only thing I miss about living in the tropics. Oh life is so hard....hahaha.

  4. Oh my're so beautiful.........and funny! Love your pretty face and your cute sense of self! Have a great weekend! ; )

  5. love that look. I wear a scarf almost every day from October to April. and I'm loving the scarves from fashionABLE.


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