Monday, October 15, 2012


This weekend was a slower, quieter version of a break than what we’ve been used to lately, and boy, am I glad. We slept in/ took it easy two mornings in a row, and while I don’t like to always do this as it can feel wasteful of our days off, sometimes it’s ok to not leave the house til noon (or later!!). We did much cooking, baking, and Gabe even grilled. We enjoyed brunch, saw a movie at the cheap theatre, and I even did some knitting. I was hoping to sew & it didn’t happen, but I know that next weekend will allow me time for plenty of sewing. We skipped the balloon fiesta in lieu of warm, snuggly mornings, and postponed our trip to the haunted corn maze to do some nesting in our new home. We had dinner with my brother-in-law & his fiancĂ©, Gabe took a few engagement photos of them, I cut a chunk off of my finger & nail while dicing apples, and I was fortunate enough to get one of 10 early supporter tickets for next year’s The Influence Conference. The feeling I took away from the weekend is cozy and it feels very good.

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  1. sounds like a great weekend! And yes, we need those lazy, cozy weekends sometimes!


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