Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Sweet Spot

Have you ever had a day (or week, even month!) where you feel that so much around you is moving and changing that you’re just not sure where to begin processing things? I’m there right now. And the funny thing, I feel mostly good about things, just so incredibly distracted by things. Most of them are really good things. Some are things in the form of beautiful people that I’ve never even met in this physical life, but from screen to screen, yet they’ve made sizeable impact on my life. Some of the things are related to my job and the fact that in under 24 hours, I should have a good idea of what to expect. There are things like traveling our trip to Michigan at Christmas time and hopefully even a blogger/twitter meet up for those in west Michigan (email me if that’s you!), things like where we are going to live next year, how to best use my time once I’m laid off, etc. The lord is doing a lot in my heart and it’s cool. It’s overwhelming, and sweet, and leaves me with way more questions than what I’ve got answers for, but it also feels that Gabe & I are in this sweet spot of being pretty vulnerable, too, and it’s not all bad. Okay, I guess it’s not actually bad at all, just interesting trying to navigate these things with where we’re at in life. I’d like to encourage you, from someone that appreciates being in control and knowing what The Plan is, that leaving it up to Him is the best way to live.

Yes, I’ll be re-reading this weekly, I’m sure. I may not believe that I actually wrote it, but here’s to hoping that this is a continual change. :)

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