Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Night With Florence

I did something yesterday that I don’t think I’ve ever done before.

I spontaneously went to a concert with a friend. I also think I got a contact high from the ‘considerate’ girl sitting next to me, and the way my lungs have been wheezing pretty much solidifies my decision to never smoke. Asthmatic + allergies + all the other reasons = not a great idea. Back to the fun, though- I’d been wanting to attend the Florence and The Machine concert for several months, since I heard about it, especially once I found out it was overlapping with the two conferences I really wanted to attend but knew I couldn’t. I figured it would be a nice consolation, so I talked to Gabe about it. He is a concert lover- I, am not, but there are a few bands that I love enough to brave the crowds for, and Florence is one of them (as is Coldplay, Maroon 5, Mumford & Sons). He said he couldn’t attend as he usually has his clinical rotations on Thursday & Friday mornings, bright & early. So, I gave up the idea of going until my friend Kim & I started talking about it on facebook- yesterday! We decided about 3-4 hours prior to start time that we should go, so we did!! It was outdoors, so a little chilly, a lot smokey, really loud, and very awesome. I am such a fan of Florence’s powerful voice and people, she is the real deal. Yes, she is just as strange and dramatic live as you might think, but every bit entertaining and energetic. Kim & I complained at how willowy Florence is, but decided that she deserves it for how much of the time she spent jumping up and down. She really is beautiful and willowy and almost ethereal.

The Macabees, the band that opened the show, was quite good! Neither of us had heard them before, but Kim & I agreed that they were enjoyable, and she even compared them slightly to Arcade Fire. I think I might need to make a new Pandora station. ;)

As I was lying in bed this morning, I realized that we didn’t take any photos of ourselves, separate or together, and that made me a little sad. Even without photos, I won’t forget last night. It was pretty great & reminded me that I could stand to be spontaneous a little more often.

What’s your favorite concert that you’ve ever attended? I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Those are the EXACT only bands I will brave the crowds for as well. Well, those and maybe a couple more (Mat Kearney, The Fray). I'm not a concert person either, but my husband goes a lot with his brother!

    So glad you went--what an awesome memory.


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