Thursday, September 13, 2012

Feeling Thankful


My slow(er) life I bragged of a few days ago? I think I scared it off. This week has felt anything but slow and peaceful, but it hasn't been bad. 
We did some planning/measuring/strategery for our new home, a little bit of shopping, or should I say, returning of items previously shopped for? Dinner out for the best sandwich ever (grilled brie and apples- yumm) because I'd been craving it for weeks and also? A bike ride, finally. So, It's been good, but not slow and/or productive like I need. I've not really packed anything and we're 16 days out. Oy.
 However, there's been good laced in. I recently started tracking my calories again using my fitness pal and by golly, I think it's finally working! I'm participating in Carina's biggest loser competition & am excited!!
Also? I've been helping out at Hip Stitch and it's been SO fun. Honestly, it's like my favorite place other than home. And maybe Anthropologie, but you know, up there. So, yeah, it's been a full week, but full of great & wonderful things. I am looking forward to being moved in & settled, but for now I'm trying to look for those sweet things, however small or smooshed into life they may be. 
Have a sweet weekend friends.

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