Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Date Night :: Meet Melissa

It's Thursday! Yay! For the rest of the summer, Thursday is going to be a special day around here. You see, I had a brilliant idea (well, I thought so anyway) for a series that I wanted to try here at moxiemandie and so I am. I thought it'd be fun to talk about how we date in the summer- different activities, meals, creative ideas, etc., so I asked a few friends to share with us how they do date night during the summer. Expect to come back each Thursday morning for some inspiration. I'm so excited about this because I think it's important for us married folks to intentionally continue dating, even after we've been together for years. 
Melissa has been married for six years.
Chris and I have been married for six years, last week. It's been full of ups and downs, but I'd venture to say mostly ups. With two little kiddos and living farther away from grandparents than we like, it's been tough to get regular, weekly date nights in. Chris's siblings live nearby and they've been great to help out whenever they can. For that I'm so grateful!

We typically don't do fancy things for date night, but we usually make it a point to eat somewhere new and/or delicious. We don't eat out a lot as a family, so it's always a treat to get a break from making a meal. There are a lot of up-and-coming, mom and pop restaurants around both the Salt Lake and Provo Valleys here in Utah, so there's no shortage of new places to try. One thing we do, not really on purpose but I like it this way, is to order together and share everything. It's silly, but there's a closeness that happens when you eat from the same plate and sit side-by-side and not across from one another.

Last week we celebrated our sixth anniversary by going out to eat and attending Band of Horses (pictured above). As  you can see from our sneers, we don't take ourselves very seriously. And that food was so freaking amazing.


  1. My husband loves trying new restaurants and I'm so bad. I'd eat at the same places over and over. Happy anniversary!

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