Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Date Night :: Meet Malisa

It's Thursday! Yay! For the rest of the summer, Thursday is going to be a special day around here. You see, I had a brilliant idea (well, I thought so anyway) for a series that I wanted to try here at moxiemandie and so I am. I thought it'd be fun to talk about how we date in the summer- different activities, meals, creative ideas, etc., so I asked a few friends to share with us how they do date night during the summer. Expect to come back each Thursday morning for some inspiration. I'm so excited about this because I think it's important for us married folks to intentionally continue dating, even after we've been together for years. 

My husband, Anthony and I are major coffee connoisseurs. So any activity we do, will involve a coffee shop. Our favorite summer date is to hop in the car and drive somewhere new. We like to try out the local coffee shops and walk around the area.
Recently, we were in Auburn (just outside of where we live) and we went to a ravine. My cousin was with us and thought it would be fun to take pictures of Anthony and me. We began posing for the camera.
I'd highly recommend a day trip to a local town you haven't checked out. Stop by a coffee shop and walk around. Then for an entertaning activity, snap a few "silly" couple pictures of you and your spouse. I'm sure that will keep you both laughing.
Here are a few from our day to give you some ideas and a few funny captions:

Saluting the River and the men who have gone before us.

It's about to get serious here on the river

We do love each other! And I think this picture turned out really cute.
Happy summer dating!

Malisa blogs about her experiences as a married woman and follower of Christ in the 21st Century at, where she hopes to encourage & entertain her readers.
Her favorite things include cooking & baking, although she modifies almost every recipe to make it healthy and tasty! She's also a craft enthusiast who loves knitting and sewing.
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  1. Malisa, I think our summer dates look a lot alike! We waffle between old favorite coffee shops and trying the new ones. There are too many good options! But that's not a terrible problem to have :(

    Those pics of you two are adorable.

    1. Ah! Maybe someday in the future we can meet up and drink coffee together. Having too many good options is definitely an awesome problem to have to deal with! Thank you for your sweet compliment, Anne.

  2. Mandie, I think this is a great idea for a series! We have been married for almost 15 years and dates are few and far between. I think it's important to take time for them but it seems that with home schooling, starting a biz, hubby trying to do some more schooling, and just life we don't take the time. and I always think of things that take money. I need to get more creative and just do stuff that we can spend time alone together but won't include spending money!

    1. I couldn't agree more that Mandie had an excellent series idea! Getting creative sounds like the perfect plan with all that you have going on!

  3. I love the Portland coffee scene - I was just there and managed to hit up three of the best. If you're ever on the west coast, be sure to drink up there!


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