Monday, August 20, 2012

choosing direction

 So, I'm back! There's much on my heart after the break I took from this space, & I'll share a little bit today. 
we spent some time at gabe's grandma's house yesterday & thought we should take a few new photos. so, here's one of me. you're welcome. ;)

I am really unsure of how things will look around here in the coming months. I've been sharing in this space for over five years now, which is actually mind-blowing to me. I don't usually stick with things for very long, so huzzah! 5 years! However, I have felt for some time that there is no real direction here- no common theme other than I share too many totally different parts of my life and I am not exactly happy with the non-organization of it all. Being unhappy with something often leads to...not doing it anymore. I've been really contemplating this for the last week or so as I realized I had very little desire to come back here at all, but then decided for the sake of the 5 years that I have stuck with this (and many of you that have stuck with me!) that I should probably mull over that decision for longer than a week, so I am. 
I should mention that I've been unhappy with my lack of direction and cohesiveness around here for more than just a week. It's been over a year, actually, but I feel that with working a full-time job, supporting Gabe as he's been in school, and running moxiemandie, I've not had a real chance to think about how to change & go in the desired direction. Goodness, I don't even know what the desired direction is, to be honest! Last week was pretty amazing for my brain. I finished sending out orders from the shop and didn't need to worry about sewing any inventory, or photographing inventory, etc. I just enjoyed time with Gabe as he's between semesters right now. We went to a family wedding, I went thrifting with a friend, and just tried not to think too much. It was like a much-needed vacation, only the kind that I still got up & headed to work each day. :)
 So, yeah. I still don't know what this place will look like in a week or even a month, but I do know that it will probably be different (& not updated quite as often), and I am completely happy about that. I want to share things here that are either useful, wise, or beautiful. I don't want to speak here just to hear (or read) my own voice. 
my thoughts had already formed about this whole blogging thing, but while I was on my break I read this post from the sweet Jessi and let's just say it both encouraged and motivated me to really process (and continue to) how I feel about blogging and really, life.


  1. Mandie, I am so glad we're friends (even if not in real life yet). I can relate to the place you are with the blog. I'm constantly checking to see if I'm blogging because I love it or just for the sake of blogging. I am glad you're finding your place and friend, blog or no blog, you're awesome! p.s. I love that post by Jessi.

  2. I so totally feel you on the blog thing. Mine is so hodge podge and sporadically updated at this point, it feels weird to even look at it anymore. Makes me very sad. :(

    On a brighter note, that is probably my favorite picture of you ever. :)

  3. Good for you! I've cut back a lot and took some time for myself and family as well. It's kinda freeing!

  4. You are beautiful, inside and out! I am completely for doing what you want with your blog--and taking as much time as you need to figure it out.

  5. I feel ya girl. I"ve really stepped away from my shop this whole year because I just wanted some time to breathe and take in life. I've so enjoyed having more time to relax, do fun things with hubby and friends and even do some DIYs here and there. I got really tired of constantly feeling like I needed to do something for my shop. It became exhausting. I'm a little bit unclear of my shop/blog's direction right now as well, although I am starting to get really motivated simply by our financial struggles to finally introduce some new items. Sorry, So long winded! Hope you are able to get some clarity with all of this soon.


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