Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Boots, Yarn, and Autumn

I bought cute new ankle boots over the weekend that I wanted to wear today, but my skinny jeans weren’t tapered enough at the ankle & I was in a hurry so I didn’t get to wear them. But I can’t stop thinking about them. I also want to knit, which is funny since I have felt a strong aversion to all things yarn since April. I guess what I’m getting at is that I am so, so, sooooo ready for fall. Even though it means Gabe will be back in school and it will mean another move for us and many less desirable things that come with being responsible, blah blah blah, I am such an autumn lover and that is something that I don’t think can be cured. At least not in me.
So, I began knitting Sunday night. And now I keep thinking of All The Things I could knit. You know, since my non-pattern-reading self only knows how to knit three things. So, if you’re loved by me & we typically exchange Christmas gifts, be forewarned. You’ll likely be receiving a scarf, cowl, or headband, knitted by with love while watching something on netflix. Or something sewn, also while watching netflix and also, lovingly.
 I’m in this nesting mode of life. I’m not expecting a baby, but when you think about it, I’m definitely closer to that than I’ve ever been, regardless of when it actually happens. I’m getting closer to the point in my life that we won’t move once a year, closer to the point of being able to spend more time making a home instead of packing it up.
I suppose that’s what fall does to me. It makes me more reflective, brings out the more nurturing part of me & makes me want to work & stock up for the winter, even if it will be a mild one in Albuquerque. You can take the girl out of the harsh lake-effect snowy winters, but I always feel like preparing for it anyway.


  1. I had a pumplin spice latter yesterday. And apples are in season. And I've noticed that leaves are starting to look a little yellow. I am so ready for fall!!! Why are you moving again?

  2. maybe one day this girl will be back to a wintery area...a mom can hope :)

  3. I'm very ready for fall. But the 90-100 degree temps keep reminding me it won't happen for a while!

  4. AMEN Beth! Hopefully soon!! YEH!! I'd love to see what you're knitting! Love, G


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