Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Well hello there friends! It's Tuesday! I never announced the winner for my birthday bash yesterday, and I do apologize for that. You see, I did something bad. Something that really stinks. I am almost positive that I sprained my ankle. Gabe & I went to brunch yesterday, and as I was walking up our sidewalk (you know, like 20 feet from our front door, my ankle rolled and I fell. Onto the concrete. And I cried. Then I felt like a big baby for crying. Anyway, Gabe helped me up and he put ice on it and then within 10 minutes or so, it felt much better. The silly girl that I am, I got up & limped around the apartment and decided to spend some time sewing since I wasn't going to go to the pool as I'd hoped. So, I did some sewing then decided to take a nap. 
Um, when I woke up, my foot was super bruised and in MUCH pain*. Also very swollen. It's been decided that I am going to the doctor as son as they'll see me. Oy.
a little peek of what I sewed- available now here
Anyway, that's why I wasn't around yesterday. I have a ton of photos to go through and edit from the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market that we went to(and coincidentally, had a blast at), but it might be a few days as I have a fun & simple DIY scheduled for tomorrow and then Thursday is Summer Date Night!
I suppose you'd like to know who the winner of the giveaway is? Okay. Well, I asked Gabe to choose, as I always do, and the lucky winner is one of my new, sweet friends, Virginia
I'll be back tomorrow, friends, with a DIY. Have a good Tuesday!

*So, this happened. Exactly two years earlier to the day. To the day. Oy. Kindof spooky and very frustrating.


  1. Get better, lady! And happy belated birthday to you. Hope next year is extra-special fantastic, and that you don't hurt yourself. ;)

  2. SO, SO sorry to hear about your ankle :( Be careful...and get a little papmered! :)

  3. :( I hope your ankle gets well soon!!


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