Monday, July 9, 2012

New Things

Hi there friends. Hope your weekend was fun & not too hot! We had a good time- we watched the new Spiderman movie, I spent some time sewing, caught up with a friend over lunch, and we went on our first bike ride together, too! My bike came in on Friday and we finally got to take it out Sunday. We went to UNM and rode around the campus for about an hour. It was SO MUCH FUN once I got over my fear of crashing into something. We're hoping to go back out tonight for another ride. :)

I actually sewed this pillow cover last week over the holiday, but just got around to photographing it. I made it for a friend (I'm not saying who- I haven't mailed it out yet), but also have one listed in my shop in case you'd like one like it.
I listed several more items in my shop over the weekend, so go ahead and check them out & have a good Monday!


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