Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Few Wishes

Good morning lovelies!
I trust your Independence day celebration was great. Ours, um, was okay. ;)
We slept in, Gabe cooked us breakfast, grilled at his grandma's house, come home and I sewed while he studied. It wasn't terrible at all, just a lot less festive than most years. 
One thing that I can appreciate about the fourth is that it signals that my birthday is right around the corner, and this year is even bigger- I'm turning 30! I am pretty happy about this, no worries. I just thought it'd be fun to share a few things that I wouldn't mind opening up next week.


  1. Hope your birthday is great and you get all these goodies ;)

    I LOVE Laura Amiss by the way. One of my favorite artists. Too happy to be seen here with her and the other pretty things!

  2. Thanks for sharing my necklace. We have very similar taste, but I've had a lot of these things on my wish list, as well. haha

  3. *because, not but. Pass the coffee...

  4. I hope you get them all.........I wish I could get them for you!! ; (
    30 years ago we were awaiting your birth.........what an exciting time!! I'll never forget the little red-headed baby in the nursery! So cute!! Hope allllll your wishes come true! Love you! G

  5. Yay for birthdays & wishes! :)

    Our holiday was good, too, but not very exciting...we got to sleep in, we both caught up on computer work, & just hung out together. We did go to the in-law's for dinner, popsicles & fireworks, though. ;)


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