Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Am a Fan


of my new mug from target that I needed but didn't really need.
of the new sheets I bought for our new bedroom that go nicely with our already owned quilt. (mine are the yellow leaf print)
of the rainy summer afternoons we've been having lately.
of talking on the phone to friends and facetiming with other friends.
of photos of my niece popping up on facebook.
of instagram. Seriously. Best iPhone app ever. (I'm @moxiemandie if you'd like to follow)
of thinking up ways to make it possible for Gabe & I to head to my favorite city after Christmas (only 5 months away!)
and of YOU, my readers!

*I was inspired to jot down this list of current favorites by one of my very favorite bloggers, marta. She shares am a fan posts semi-regularly, and they always stick out in my mind. :)


  1. Love that mug! It's the little things :)

  2. What a fun list. I love Chicago, too, but only about 8 months a year :) (Brrrr.)

  3. oh yes, I definitely didn't *need* that mug, but then I did need it because I love it so much... and it wasn't expensive, so I didn't feel too guilty. ;)

    IG is the best ever! I'm really not that fond of Twitter anymore...I'd rather hang out on IG. So fun, and I feel much more connected to people!


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