Friday, June 8, 2012

Where the Heart Is

A few days ago, while we were headed somewhere in the car, I asked Gabe when he thinks we'll finally buy a house. 
He answered, "Maybe 15 years."
I replied that I'm not even thirty yet and he thinks I'll be halfway through my forties???? (yes, it was definitely more of a question)
To be honest, I don't really mind renting all that much. I mind moving once a year, but renting in itself is actually sort of freeing. I never thought that I'd get to this point- make peace with it- but I have. 
I told him that while I don't mind renting, and really, don't think I'd mind renting until I'm 45 (check back in 5 years, ok?), but what I am ready for is to live in a house again. Don't get me wrong, the apartment we live in currently is actually pretty perfect for us. It's small, but for the two of us, it's fine, and I love our neighborhood, the fact that between here and where I work (which is only 12 minutes away) are the grocery store and hip stitch (pretty much all I need in life),  I love the quiet nights that allow me to hear the crickets in our yard, and so on. I just sortof crave a backyard where we can keep a grill without breaking any city ordinances. I want a yard so that when we have little kiddos, we can keep a kiddie pool without being required to put it away directly after each use. I want a garage with a utility sink & room for the power tools I intend to buy & use when I don't work full time anymore. :)
So, yeah. 
I like renting, for now anyway. It's kindof silly since I come from a family of property owners that rent out houses to tenants, but for now, I like the fact that if my [insert appliance of your choice] breaks down, all I have to do is put in a call so that someone else can fix it.

What about you? Do you rent? Own? What do you prefer?


  1. I actually love renting too, it is really freeing. I am with you though on the moving every year. That seems stressful. I will say, I love renting a home with a yard...obviously the kids love it too...but location plays a huge role. If an apartment were in the location we really wanted, it would be doable. Maybe you'll find a really awesome house to rent soon and then not move for years! :)

  2. we love renting. i realize there are pros and cons with renting and owning...we choose renting for now;) i do miss the three bedroom house we rented before this tiny place downtown. ha. but we are only recently on our financial feet again, after patrick's job loss three years ago. it feels like we have less stress with this place. i like that ;)

    also, i like you.


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