Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On Being

There are so many things that I need to do- that we all need to do- each day. Some of them are big like breathe, eat, go to work, sleep. Some of them are to read for the book club you signed up for, or a little bigger like make sure there's food for dinner and oh, what's that? Cook that food. I didn't cook or read last night, but I did enjoy dinner with Gabe and a quick trip to Goodwill afterward. I did sit on the sofa while he read his new NCLEX book and kept asking if the questions even made sense while I read blogs and played a game on my phone. Last night sortof looks like a failure from the outside, but for me it meant resting and reading (even if not the right thing) and getting to bed at a good time after a good evening with my husband. So, that's what I'm thinking and breathing on- just being.


  1. I wouldn't call this kind of evening/day a failure. Life's too short to get stressed out about making a home cooked meal (this coming from someone who does get stressed when she doesn't plan dinner & there's nothing much to eat). I call this a winning evening. Being with Gabe, relaxing, being.

  2. Yes, this resting sounds lovely, even if it's not what you intended. It happens to me, too. Rest & enjoy, friend!

  3. Beautifully put. I am glad I read this tonight because I need the reminder that sometimes just being isn't really failure at all.

  4. Yes. I need to just "be" too. I'm glad you are learning how to rest.


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