Monday, May 14, 2012

Writing and Figuring Out

I will turn 30 two months from today. It's kindof a thing, you know? There are a lot of things that They say should happen by the time a person reaches the age of 30 years old & to be honest, I've experienced a very small percentage. It bothers me some days. Other days it more than bothers me, but today I'm okay with it all. We're not all born on the same day, nor are we given specific instructions for our daily tasks- we're given choices and liberty and creative freedom and then we're supposed to make ourselves, to whittle this image and person and values. We're supposed to make our own person while seeing what others make, but don't copy! Be yourself! Be happy with who you are! It's a tricky thing & the truth is that we don't have all the answers. We find some and make others up and then hope that what we're doing works. The part that We forget sometimes is that during this process- this life- we can enjoy it. We don't need to feel bad that we aren't another person. We can love them, be thankful for them & the beauty they bring, but we don't need to wish that we are anyone beside ourselves. We are the best at it, no matter how many times we forget.
 I'm just writing and linking up with Heather, but this post has been inspired by so many lovely-hearted women, such as Ellen, Laura, Megan.


  1. I love this, Mandie! It's so true, we receive so many mixed messages by various sources about who we should be, where we should be, etc. I struggle with some of that, for sure. Thanks for sharing! You are lovely!

  2. LOVE this. yes, i feel like a lot of those expectations are this silly tight-rope to walk.

  3. yes. sink into this 30th year. it's yours. no one elses. you will do just what you are supposed to do. it will be amazing. all in your own way.

  4. :)
    really cute picture of you :)
    miss you and love you- 30+ years we've been together

    1. Ditto!!! Love this picture of you! Each of us is unique! I've struggled with some of these issues as well........I doubt that if people were truthful, they would all admit that they had as well. Just be who God created! You're great!! Love you, G

  5. I'm past thirty ... and forty and I feel the way you do at each marker and I can tell you that every single year holds more promise and growing into who you are in ways you couldn't imagine. I have been happy to learn that age is a number that doesn't have anything to do with call and fulfilling purpose. Lovely to meet you through Just Write.

  6. I love this. Especially this: "we're given choices and liberty and creative freedom and then we're supposed to make ourselves, to whittle this image and person and values."

  7. Happy impending "thing"!!

  8. Oh, sister. Let me tell you what. It is in my beautiful, wonderful THIRTIES that I've only just begun to figure this thing out. You have some of the very best, most fulfilling, most exhilarating years of your life just around the corner. Every day, you become more real in the skin of who you really are.

    Beautiful thoughts for today.

  9. I think what I've learned most from entering my 30's is that there are no rules, no age that matters one way or the other, and anytime is a good time to start new.


  10. So well
    Said. I hear 30s are the best! I'm
    All nervous + super
    To get
    There! Xoxo

  11. I So so so love this post. True words, my friend. I turn 28 this year and as I get closer to 30 I think I'm beginning to look at life differently - in a good way - like you said, we don't need to be someone else, don't need to copy, just be who we are. For me, it's getting easier as I get a little older.


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