Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Skin Care Priorities

A few weeks ago, my girl Hayley wrote a post on the fun & new Simple Design blog on her 5 favorite drugstore makeup finds and though I follow a similar regimen (save where you can and spend where you have to),  I am curious about what products you skimp on so you can spend a little more somewhere else. As for me, I use drugstore products for almost everything. I am not usually out for much longer than my work day, so extreme longevity is not my goal. In fact, up until a few months ago, I used drugstore everything. Then I remembered that I'm turning 30 this year and self, would you please treat your skin to a decent moisturizer and foundation? And while you're at the MAC store, get yourself a pretty lipstick that can make a bit of a statement, too, will ya? So, as far as my face, I use your usual, run-of-the-mill maybelline and l'oreal with a little covergirl mixed in to make it interesting, but as far as skin care, I'm leaning the MAC way and am really liking the results. My skin doesn't look flawless every day, but I'm pretty sure yours doesn't, either, right? So yeah. That's what I use.
What about you?


  1. As far as drug store products go I am a fan of Cetepil and St Ives Apricot Scrub

    1. Oh yes! I forgot about St Ives, but I've definitely used that in the past!!

  2. I've used the very best on the market but now that I'm financially challenged, I use Avon moisturizers and I really like them. Still use Lancome face cleanser though. Clinique make-up though. It's a mixed bag, but I've always taken care of my skin. So glad that you're thinking of that as well. Love you, G

  3. Pretty much everything I use is something I can pick up at Target or Walmart - a variety of face washes, that new Simple moisturizer, Falsies mascara. The one thing I have splurged on lately is my basic makeup; I finally broke down & bought the Bare Minerals starter kit a few months ago because my skin has serious breakout issues & the regular stuff I got at Target just wasn't cutting it. Even though it's pricey, I feel like it does even out my skin tone a lot more. My biggest problem is probably that I don't make good skin care a priority...I often fall asleep with my makeup on just because I don't want to get up & wash my face! Still working on that... ;)

  4. I started using Mac eye shadow a few years ago and I fell in love. I recently started using their foundation - and my face actually seems to be clearer than when I was using Bare Minerals. Go figure. And started using Mac's oil control moisturizer. I adore the way my face feels velvety. I fell in love with the waterproof mascara by Sonia Kashuk at Target. And I use a facial cleanser from Trader Joe's morning and night. They say you shouldn't have to use cleanser twice a day, but my face is so oily if I don't it breaks out horribly.


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