Friday, May 4, 2012

My First Quilt Top

So, I got this idea in my head a month or two ago that I needed  a runner for my dining room table- you know, the one that is covered with my sewing machine and cutting mat and scraps of fabric and that we've eaten at once. So, I picked out a few fabrics at JoAnn Fabric and then I did nothing.
For a few weeks, that is. (actually, I was busy cooking and sewing cute things for my niece and my kitchen curtains and a bathmat, etc...) Then, Wednesday night, I was tired. I wasn't sleepy tired, though. I was creatively tired and needed to create, so I got out my fabrics and loosely came up with a plan. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but now I have to decide how to finish it. I am unsure if I should bind it or finish it with a top stitch. Any suggestions?
I'm rather excited about the idea of having this sweet thing in my dining room. A little too excited, as I was reminded yesterday by my friend Elizabeth that in order to use this pretty runner, my dining room needs a good twenty-over, as it holds the majority of my fabric/sewing supplies in the teensiest little dining room you ever did see. :)
Do you quilt? I'd love to see your tops!!
Happy Fiday!


  1. This is a great opportunity to learn how to machine quilt. It's small enough that it won't bunch up under the 'feet' and you'll need to melt the layers together. That should be so easy for you as you sure do know your way around a sewing machine. Great job! Proud of you! ; ) Love you, G

  2. the last project i did was a quilted runner! then i quit sewing. lol
    you are so talented, LOVE these fabrics!
    i need to visit you for lessons/encouragement. when my mom visits and helps, all hell breaks loose!


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