Friday, May 18, 2012

A Mini Holiday

Untitled Happy Friday friends! I'm writing from Santa Fe, stretched out on the king sized bed in our hotel. Tomorrow is our sixth anniversary, and Gabe begins school full time on Tuesday, so we made a last minute dash after I got out of work yesterday. We had delicious tapas for dinner(our first time! We'll definitely be doing that again!), walked around the plaza, got some ice cream before walking back to our hotel to watch the Grey's Anatomy season finale( we were both pretty wiped out). We might make our way lover to the Georgia O'Keefe museum today, and I'm sure I'll get to look at some pretty fabric at my favorite fabric store here, but otherwise we don't have many plans other than to take photos and enjoy this time together! Have a fun weekend friends!


  1. happy anniversary! hope y'all have fun!

  2. Happy anniversary you two!!!! Whoohoooooooo. We celebrate 11 next Saturday and are going to San Diego. I'm with you I just want to relax. Just be.

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