Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Working & Writing

Untitled I'm certainly not a morning person, but I definitely am at my best in the morning, which is why it can be frustrating that my full time job starts, you know- in the morning. I still struggle with enjoying this after hours housewifing. I know that soon Gabe will have some extra time to help(tomorrow, actually, is when he takes his final final for the semester. Like how I did that? Final final....) Anyway, I'm working on it, but it's taking more maturity than what I often have, and at that point, I either call on God for more (& more) grace, or become impatient & get grouchy. It's usually the latter. I'm working it, though, & know it's not in vain- it does mean something, this working out. I'm just writing with Heather today.


  1. Oh I know how it feels to feel this way. Contradictory truths. It's hard to feel like everything is aligned. I'm not a morning person, really. But then, I can be. So it all depends, doesn't it. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Maybe you should take a little break between work and housewifing. I find when I'm all worn out after work, just being outside for a little bit and walking around (or going for a run) helps me to get some energy for all the evening stuff. :) love you, girl.


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