Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thoughts on Making Soap

So, since I closed my shop, I've been focusing more on being active and have spent a lot more time in the kitchen, cooking healthy meals to replace the fast & convenient foods wed turned to in our busy times(almost always). Well, last week I tried yet another housewife-y thing: I made my own liquid soap. I followed these directions and have finally run out of what was in my dispenser, so I replaced it last night. Um, first of all, it semi-solidified over the last few days inside of the milk jug, so pouring it out was NOT easy. Second, it does have an interesting texture. It does look a little snotty. Third, my hands actually felt better after using the home-made soap & I think that's due to the amount of glycerin I used.
So, those are my thoughts. Sure, it has the potential of costing much less than buying liquid soap at the supermarket, but I don't feel, for me, anyway, that it's something I'll continue to do every time I am out of soap.


  1. I am glad to know what you think :) I was going to attempt making it myself too, but I hate goopy-snotty feeling, so maybe I'll make it and give it to other's for gifts or something...hahah! "here, have my home made soap that I don't like" :) you're a better woman than I for actually making it.

  2. i'm with you on the dish soap- but love the fact that my homemade laundry soap has totally eliminated "stinky towel syndrome" from our house!!! and it's about $1 weekly instead of $5 weekly- that's a couple hundred dollars a year savings!!! so, i will keep doing the laundry soap.


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