Monday, April 23, 2012

Real or Not Real

 *I observed Earth Day a day early but not conserving water and not showering. You're welcome.
*Gabe spent so many hours studying over his birthday weekend. Sad.
*I'd hoped to get a ton of sewing done this weekend, but alas, my machine has been in it's case since Friday night when....
*I finished my kitchen curtains, finally!
*My sweet husband turned 31 yesterday, but tries not to admit it.
*We were driving home from his birthday dinner, when someone blew through their red light and hit us. Thankfully, Gabe had hesitated when the light turned green, because if not, let's just say I'd not be here right now if he hadn't. The driver of that car never stopped or slowed down. I'm secretly hoping that there's a large scrape down the side of his car.

*Yes, the title is a reference to the book Mockingjay, which I just finished last week. Also, these things are all real.


  1. So glad you're safe.........ugh.......can't believe he never stopped! GEEZE!!! Just so thankful you're ok! Love, G

  2. Oh. My. Gosh!! I can't believe they didn't even stop! I secretly hope they get pulled over and busted for something that means they spend a night in jail. :) But seriously, that's awful. Glad you're ok.

  3. What a completely turdy driver! I'm glad that Gabe hesitated. Sorry his birthday night ended on a sour note!


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