Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pumpkin Britches

Untitled Here’s a little something I began working on last night. I have very little experience working with knit fabric, but really wanted to change that, so I asked my friend Suzanne, who just happens to own my favorite little fabric shop and is an excellent sewist. (That was quite a long sentence, no?) Anyway, we arranged for a lesson that happened to be last night, and I had a blast! You see, I’d had this idea to learn to make little knit leggings for my niece out of tops I don’t wear anymore. I have been wanting to do this for some time- before I even knew she was my niece and not a nephew. ;) So, I purchased a pair at a thrift store & brought them along with me to use as a guide for cutting out the pieces, and then Suzanne gave me some tips, went over stretch stitches with me, and then showed me how to construct! I need to finish off the waist band, still, but am happy with how they’re coming out. I have a few more tops with a great stretch that I plan to use for the same thing and then hope to send them off to my Evie, or whom her momma calls Pumpkin Britches in this CUTE! video.


  1. Super cute pants! Good job, Auntie Mandie! ;) Also, I love the fact that Emily calls Evie "pumpkin britches"....adorable!

  2. Pumpkin Britches might be my new favorite nick name. She is way to cute!! And so are those pants. Way to go!


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