Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just Write. Just More.

It’s been six-ish weeks since I last took an order online and there have been many emotions- directly and indirectly related. Taking care of my home & husband, which I mostly quit selling online for, is not my favorite thing. I am not excellent at it, and that bothers me. Instead of practicing and becoming better, I’d rather sew. I don’t sew every day. Sometimes it only happens once a week, but when I do, I accomplish much more than I used to. It’s been so fun for me & I feel more creativity. I do my afterhours housewifing most days (or should I say nights) and I still come up short. I’m finding creativity in places that I didn’t expect, and have begun to love the written (or sometimes written-then-spoken) word and all of the thoughts that I never had that I’m having. I love that this world is big & beautiful and offers us so much if we just take it. So, I’m going to look for more- find more. More on housewifing, more on making, more on loving. Just more.


  1. oops that's mom in jill's account

  2. i like.
    and creativity seems finest when discovered in unexpected spots, i think.
    you are awesome. xo

  3. Love this... do what you love and love what you do...

  4. What a great perspective! I'm impressed that your embracing it!


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