Monday, April 16, 2012

Finishing Projects

Hi there friends. I hope your weekend was sweet and uneventful with all those tornadoes out there! We are in the home stretch of Gabe's last pre-nursing program semester and have only ONE weekend of him studying for finals left. A bit unfortunately, his birthday is next Sunday, so we won't be hugely celebrating until the weekend after next, but then we'll have so much to celebrate!
Anyway, the awful winds around here have caused me to have taken lots of allergy meds and stay in bed a bit extra this weekend. I've still got an achy head, but I'm hopeful it'll pass quickly. 
Gabe has convinced me to actually begin working on the sewing projects for our home I've been planning, and I've taken him up on it. I finally started on our kitchen curtains and am half-way through. Here's a little peek: 
I'm pretty excited!! I also got these fabrics for a runner for our dining room table. Also excited about this. :)
Hope you have a lovely Monday!

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  1. Oooh, love those pretty fabrics! So cheerful for a kitchen. :)


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