Monday, April 30, 2012


Untitled So, our weekend was amazing. We didn't travel, eat breakfast in bed, or go anywhere amazing for dinner, but the time we spent together, without time restraints was so sweet. I had actually been nervous. I mean, it's been four months since we've had a day without school involved, and this past semester was a real doozy. Our weekends were always built around gabe spending 5 or more hours per day studying at Starbucks, one of the libraries, Flying Star, Barnes & Noble, etc, and hen we'd catch up to share dinner out, usually. I was a little worried that this past weekend would be boring or awkward or that we'd both be ready to have some alone time, but the truth is, we couldn't get enough of each other. In fact, the only time we weren't together was at nine Saturday night when Gabe realized that we didn't't have enough cake mix for a recipe he was making, so he ran to Target quick while I showered, and after our accident last weekend, I have to say I hated that I didn't go with him, but you know- everything was fine & he made it back in one piece. The truth is, I know there will be stress and work and hard things ahead, but experiencing how easy it was to just enjoy each other the last 2 days makes me know that if we do it together, we really can get through anything.


  1. Aren't weekend like that just lovely? So glad you enjoyed the time spent with your mister! :)

  2. Friend, this post made me smile! I can so relate to that feeling and what an awesome feeling when everything falls into place when you finally have together time. Glad it was a wonderful weekend!


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