Monday, April 2, 2012

Earbud Case

A few weeks ago, I saw this super cute little earbud pouch on Made On Maple and it was just what I was needing- something quick, simple, & fun to create. So, when I headed to craft night at Hip Stitch a few days later, I made a few of these with the help of my friend Alexsis, who basically helped cut out, pin together, and tell me where to sew. :)
I made one for me (this little cutie pie) and another, more plain one for Gabe. I like how mine turned out much better.
Another thing I love about this pattern is that it uses such a small amount of fabric, so if you've got a favorite little scrap that you're holding on to for the perfect thing, here you go!

pattern found here
outside fabric found here
lining fabric purchased at JoAnn Fabric several months ago

I just realized that I must have skipped the last step on this with topstitching around the top- oops!!


  1. Oh, I love that! Such a cute idea...I always just throw my earbuds in my bag & then I have to spend so much time untangling them...I'll have to make some!

  2. I'd love this for a little coin purse. Or it would be kinda awesome to no longer have tangled ear buds!


  3. yeah, was really bothered by that topstitch mistake...KIDDING.
    no idea what that even is, but i DO know this:
    you are so talented and super cute.
    love the fabrics you chose, too!



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