Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Like Seasons Come and Go

As we get closer to Gabe beginning the nursing program full time, I have new things to worry about (surprise, right?). Although honestly, they're not new at all because I've already been thinking on them for a while. Things like How will we make this work with only my income? What if we don't make it work and then Gabe has to work while going to school and we never ever see each other? Will we still like each other if we never get to spend fun time together?

And then I remember that we dated & were engaged long distance for almost 4 years before, and that we had far less invested into 'us' at that time, and darnit- WE ARE DOING THIS FOR US NOW ANYWAY. I doubt that life would get any easier for us if he didn't finish his degrees and we waited until forever to start having babies and yada yada yada, so this really just makes sense, right? Anyway- it's only for a season, just like the spring is upon us, this season will come and go, and 18 months from now, we'll both be beaming with pride and thankfulness, I'm sure.


  1. You can do it........just stay away from BUCKS! Yikes, they're expensive! Lots and lots of other people are doing because they cannot find jobs today........and they do it! I know you & Gabe can too! Love you!

  2. Friend, you're amazing! I love your perspective and I know you guys can do it. The investment you're both making in your future together now will definitely pay off!

  3. you are such a grown up. proud of you

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