Monday, March 12, 2012

Feelings on Sewing

A little over two weeks ago, I closed the etsy shop that I'd run for around a year & a half. When I first decided that I was closing, I was so excited and relieved. I couldn't wait to have time to actually make things for myself and my loved ones, especially now that I have a sweet baby niece to sew for. I was also happy that my schedule would allow for me to work out, which is actually another reason why I actually closed up.

But that day, after I actually deleted all of the listings in the shop, I was really sad. And that made me confused, since I'm the one that decided to actually close. I couldn't shake the really sad feeling that I had. However, I am happy to report that I finally shipped all outstanding orders and guess what? I'm not sad anymore! I am so, so thrilled to have no obligations in regard to sewing. I'm hoping it will become fun for me again. I'm visiting my little niece right now & have been looking through all of the sewing books I've purchased in the last few months and am seriously just so excited to delve in & make something for my little Evie. I'm hoping to share photos of a few things that I've already made for her throughout the week, & perhaps even share a couple photos of the sweetie pie, herself.

Happy Monday friends!


  1. Friend, I can relate slightly to that feeling. After running my Etsy shop for a little bit and then deciding to close it, I had the same mixed feelings, but in the end, I was so excited for no more obligations. :)

  2. ahhhhhhh, bet it feels good.


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