Monday, January 16, 2012

What's Inside My New Clutch


This post is inspired by a couple different things I saw on the web last week. First of all, Elise posted on her blog this super cute clutch that she made & I was inspired to try my own, working with I already had on hand. I'd purchased brown vinyl on clearance at JoAnn's a few months ago and Elise's cute clutch was just the thing to inspire me.


A few things-

I wish I'd made mine a little taller. I should have read her post a little bit better before beginning. I do wish that there was a little more room, but it's ok. I still like it.

I broke a needle sewing over the metal zipper. Does anyone have any tips for this? A friend suggested that I use a walking foot instead of my regular sewing foot, but I do have to say that I'm intimidated by that thing. ;)

Next time (yes, I'll be making another) I'm not using brown. I like it enough, but would be happier with something a little less bank bag-ish. Also, next time I'll hopefully remember to sew my label into it. I've had a really bad habit of forgetting that lately. Ugh.


The other thing that prompted this post is instagram. There's a little photo challenge to take a different photo each day in January, and one of the challenges a few days ago was to take a photo of what's in your bag, so I thought I'd take that prompt & run with it.


So, what about you? What's in your bag?


  1. oh my gosh! oh my gosh! OH. MY. GOSH!!!

    That clutch is so cute! I'm seriously dying over here!!!

    Try a zipper foot??? I know my sewing machine came with one and it doesn't look too intimidating. Good luck!

    Seriously though. Such a cute bag.

  2. You can't sew over metal zippers, only the "plastic ones". I'd sew up to it and do any sewing by hand over a metal zipper. It's worse than sewing over a pin, as you might miss a pin, but you can't miss a zipper. I know pins can damage the part that holds your bobbin, but not sure if it's from the pin breaking or a needle breaking, which would happen when sewing over a zipper. It turned out cute!

  3. You need to try your walking foot! I know it takes some patience to get mine on. Try it on some scraps first. You'll have to figure out the seam allowance, as you can't see around the side of the foot. It wouldn't help with sewing over a zipper. It's great when you have to sew over several layers. It seems I have to sew slower with it, but not sure if that's really true.

  4. Cute! I didn't get the bank-bag vibe from it at all... but I think it would be awesome in yellow or red.

  5. Me thinks this is adorable and I want one and have been wanting something just like it! So you should make at least 2 more so I can buy one from you ;)
    (Especially since I still haven't gotten my room together and therefore haven't had any need to buy my pillows from you yet!)


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