Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shop Talk

In an attempt to stay sane and well, make sure I can deliver everything on time, I set a deadline for Christmas orders. Already. Can you believe it? It's the third of November already! Anyway, yes- the deadline is set for November 29th. This ensures that I'll have weeks afterward to finish orders up & still send out by December 13th, and after that? Oh nothing- just hoping to take a break for a few weeks, that's all. :) If you've been dreaming pretty things up in your head as far as a custom order, I have to say that I'm already getting pretty busy and will most likely only be taking those on for about another week, so contact me with your requests & soon. You can email me at moxiemandie AT gmail DOT com or send me a convo on etsy. My screen name is moxiemandie.

I think that's about it for now- we're moved in but nowhere near unpacked & I'm starting to get stressed about living in a box-full apartment. Hopefully we'll make some prgoress over the weekend!

Happy Thursday!

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