Thursday, November 3, 2011

On Home, by Sharone

I've been wandering far these past few weeks, across oceans and many borders and through seemingly endless security checks. I won't be in my own bed for another week, and I've been looking around with my eyes wide open, trying to fit the unfamiliar into my heart and grasping for something familiar to hold on to at the same time.

Home? Right now it's a half-turned tree outside the window, a string of silver beads on my wrist, a door shut against the cold.

It's a hot shower and a woolly scarf and the scent of a fresh cup of tea.

It's a kiss sent with a postcard covered in colored, unfamiliar stamps. The hum of the laptop and the plunking of fingers on keys as I talk to friends around the world. The pages of a well-loved book.

It's the countless small things to mark. These things make home, one that I can carry with me, no matter how far I roam.

By Sharone, customer turned loving friend.

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  1. those are all things to be thankful for. little gifts. small heart smiles. reminds me of the book "one thousand gifts" by ann voskamp.


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