Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Goals

Before I delve into my goals for March, let me backtrack to January's goals:

*Not wasting food/eating at home/not eating out so often- Um, we've done so-so. I'd say better, but not as good as possible.

*Go to bed by 11- Well, on most nights we go to bed right around 11. I guess technically we'e done better, but again, not as good as what it could be. 9:30 is more ideal, but so unrealistic.

*Be okay with a kitchen that's not always clean- um, I did really well with this over the weekend. ;)
I think I have improved slightly with this, mostly because of my waking up earlier that I expound on below.

As I mentioned yesterday, I've decided on just one goal for this month: to make dinner/eat leftovers more than not this month. So far, we're on track, but I already know that tonight's dinner will likely be takeout, given the fact that I've not yet grocery shopped & by the time I do, I won't have a chance to make anything. I've learned that if I don't at least get a good chunk of dinner prepared by lunch time-ish, it won't get done at all. Mali is happiest is most laid back early in the day, so as time goes by, she gets fussier and fussier, needing more attention. I've been trying to make a point of getting up for the day after her early morning feeding so that when I lay her back down for her only good nap of the day, I can have a few hours to myself to prepare dinner/clean the kitchen/pump milk/drink a cup of coffee/go to the bathroom, etc. I guess you could say that it's another goal of mine- to get up after her early feeding more mornings than not. I don't want to say every morning because I know that some days it is more important to give myself a little more rest for the physical ware that taking care of an infant can have one you. However, I do want this to become habitual for me, and I think I'm off to a good start already.

Do you have any goals for the month? Do you have any tips for cooking/eating at home more often?

*linking up with Hayley's March Goals

Monday, March 3, 2014

On Surviving

Mali turned three months yesterday, and I am just today starting to feel like we have a touch of a rhythm going on over here, like I can breathe because what's about to happen might not be totally unexpected and new. I mean, I definitely still feel like The New Mom on the block, but my kid is beginning to become a little more predictable, in a nice way. I feel like we're on the tail-end of survival mode, and boy it feels good. 

We had a rough year last year, for sure. First, I was laid off the last day of January, 9 months into Gabe's 16 month nursing program, which did not allow for him to work i.e., bring home an income. I then had a difficult time finding employment. Then, two months into my unemployment, we were surprised to learn that I was pregnant. We were thrilled, but this certainly was a shock and I've never been so glad that babies take 9 months of growing inside before they're ready to be born! This obviously didn't make finding a job any easier (duh- who wants to hire a pregnant chick?). Gabe graduated in August, but wasn't able to get a job until he took & passed the NCLEX (board test), and he didn't get to take that until October. We were in a car accident in the middle of September and my car, the car we intended to drive baby around in, was totaled. Thankfully, we were both okay, as was Mali. It was such a scare, though. To this day, I've only driven that section of the road twice since the accident- being hit like that did something in me and I seem to hold my breath when I see the street sign I stared at while I called the 911 operator that morning. 

Gabe was hired at the beginning of November for a job, not his dream job, but it was something, and we were incredibly thankful, as we were only weeks away from having this baby. We bought a car to replace mine (stressful!!), and less than two weeks later, I was admitted and induced, then we had Mali! Oh yeah, and I ended up needing a c-section, so we ended the year with my having surgery. Then, the day Mali turned 2 weeks old, Gabe ended up starting a different job- more what he went to school for, and better pay, but 12 hour shifts and oh my, I have never felt so alone and drowning as I did then. I was still recovering from a routine, but major-ish operation, had a two week old that had was supposed to be woken to eat every 2 hours (did I mention I'm breastfeeding?), and I just wanted someone to bring me food and oh yeah? Is it too much to want my kitchen to stay clean? Yes, apparently it was too much. And also? Gabe started two classes in January to go toward his next program. It's certainly not boring around here.

We survived, obviously. We're two months into 2014 and three months into being parents, but boy oh boy, it's been rough. It's also been wonderful, though. Being Mali's momma is my favorite, and it really does get better each day. She's been not only talking and smiling lately, but has begun laughing every once in a while, and I've honestly never heard a more beautiful sound in my life. 

Like I said, I think that we're on the tail end of survival mode. Gabe will thankfully only be taking one class next semester and before that, we'll have a couple weeks between semesters where he can just be daddy when he's home and give me a bit of a break, too. Mali is sleeping for about 7-8 hours straight at night, so when I put her back down after her early morning feeding, I feel (mostly) rested enough to stay up & get a start on my day. Gabe's mom comes & watches Mali when I need to go (heavy-duty) grocery shopping. I'm hoping to fit some kind of exercise in soon, but until then, I've been taking Mali either to the zoo or an outdoor mall a few times a week and walk around and around. That in itself feels like a corner that's been turned. My goal is to cook dinner (or eat leftovers) more nights than not this month. It sounds silly, but that's honestly my big thing that I'm hoping to accomplish in March. I guess one thing at a time, right?

What about you? If you've had a baby, around when did you begin to feel normal again, even if it was a new normal?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


We took a trip two weeks ago to Missouri for Mali to meet her cousins!

Ok, I wanted to meet Charlie and smooch on Evie, too!
We drove to Missouri to my sister's house and my parents, brother, grandpa, and some wonderful friends came from Michigan, and we enjoyed a very baby-filled weekend. 

We also celebrated Evie turning two! She had a fun farm-themed party, and then got to go to a petting zoo on her birthday.

We had a fun time despite being sick, and Mali did pretty good in the car. We live over 800 miles away, so that's no small feat for our girl, but she handled it pretty well. 

We had so much fun and can't wait to be back with the cousins in a few months!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mali Bunny

It surprised me to see that it's been over a month since I last shared here, but indeed, it's true!
Our sweet little bunny is now 2 months old- 10 weeks!
She had her two month shots last week and that was definitely the worst 24 hours of my life. My poor sweet girl was in so much pain- it hurt my heart so much.
She has gained 3 pounds in just one month! I think it's been mostly over the last two weeks, from looking back in photos. It's so fun to see how much a little girl has changed & grown, even if that does mean that my tiny baby isn't tiny at all anymore.
She is such a joy to have. Believe me, the girl knows how to be a fussypants, but she can be the sweetest little soul, too. Her voice is like pure sugar, and her smiles and giggles (yes! She even giggles at me!!) are amazing. It's so fun coaxing belly laughs from her- pretty much the highlight of my life thus far.
We are still so over the moon in love with our sweet girl & truly can't imagine life without her.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January Goals

Well, today is technically the last day of the first week of the month, so I'm not too late to talk about my goals for the month, am I? I read Hayley's post last week, and as usual, she has inspired me to make a few goals for the month. Don't worry- I won't go all crazy. I just want to write a few things down to give myself some accountability for where my (wee little) spare time goes.

*Follow through with meal planning/quit wasting food-
This is similar to one that Hayley posted, and goodness, I felt convicted reading that. I am really good at procrastinating when it comes to many things, but cooking probably tops the list, which means that we often toss food away in favor of going to Panera Bread (my favorite) or another quick place. I do have to say that since having Mali, I have done bette at this. I don't really even know why, but I thought I should take a little credit. Not to say that we still don't go to Chipotle or Which Wich or our other favorite places, but I've been better about actually making the food I shop for.

*Go to bed before 11-
This is a hard one for me. Gabe & I used to go to bed at midnight or later, regularly. That's not cutting it for us anymore, though. Between needing to wake & feed Mali and Gabe's new job that starts at 6 am, we need to get to be earlier on a more regular basis. We've been doing pretty good at settling in the nights before Gabe goes to work, but I think that we'd all feel better if we were consistent about it instead of just doing it 3 nights a week. I need to just call it quits on the chores, twitter, facebook, etc.,  which leads me to my next goal...

*Be okay with  a less than clean kitchen-
I don't understand it, because I'm not a super tidy/clean lady, but I love to go to bed with a clean kitchen, and bonus points if I've got a load of laundry going in the dryer, too! There's something fabulous about starting the day with clean laundry and a clean kitchen sink/dishes. I've been known to stay up an extra 30 minutes or so to make sure the kitchen is clean, which isn't necessarily a terrible thing, but when you have a newborn and are exhausted, a sparkling clean kitchen shouldn't be at the top of your priority list seven days a week. I know that eventually I'll be able to keep up with messes better, but for now, feeding and snuggling my baby girl are way more important than waking up to an empty kitchen sink.

So, these are my three goals to work on in January. I'm hoping that by keeping it small and simple, I'll be able to see some real growth once the month is through. What are some of your new goals?